Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Small team big win in 13th SICC, Singapore

The 13th SICC Invitational Swimming Championship 2017  has just ended last Sunday from 12th to 13th August 2017 at the prestigious Singapore Island Country Club.

Despite sending a small team of 18 swimmers to the competition, this is our best ever away meet as the team attained the most medals achievement. Team IBSC won 12 gold, 11 silver and 6 bronze in individual events and 2 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze in team relay events.

The biggest joy this year came from our young and talented swimmer, Muhamad Dhuha, 8, who made his first debut in SICC. He triumphed with 3 gold and 2 silver in his individual events and along the way smashed the meet record of 1:16.05 in 100m freestyle with an awesome PB of 1:13.15. Undoubtedly, he was conferred with the Age Group Champion for group 8 -9 boys.

Muhamad Dhuha

Another pleasant surprise came from our junior girl, Wong Joelyne, 7, who clinched 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bonze in her individual event and setting one new meet record in 100m breaststroke with a time of 1:54.92. She sliced off 6 seconds off her last PB and proved to everyone that size does not matter.

Petite Wong Joelyne may be youngest but proved to be toughest
Our Sri Lanka member, Fathima Azquiya, who has been competing under IBSC since 2015, continued her momentum by going all out to win 3 gold and 3 silver. Azquiya also rewrote the meet record of 34.61 in 50m backstroke  with a faster time of 34.47 even though it was not her personal best.

Azquiya all smiles with her achievement
Ian James Barr, who has competed in the first SICC meet 13 years ago, continued to bring more joy from the pool when he won 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze in the Boys 18 & Over category. He smashed 2 records in his highlights events of 50m and 100m backstroke. Ian motivated the kids a lot as he is also the accompanying coach leading the team this time.

Ian motivating his swimmers with more medals collection

Afiq Imran Bin Masron, a famous name in SICC competition, fought against stronger opponents from Sarawak State Swimming Council this year but his effort was not futile. He brought home 1 gold and 2 silver from his individual events utilising his summer holidays to the fullest.

Harry Chong, who made his second debut to this meet, only swam half day on Sunday after flying just in time from Kuala Lumpur. But the rush was well worth the effort as he was in time to grab a gold in 100m breaststroke and bronze medal in 100m freestyle, both with new PBs.

Oswin Wong, also made his second appearance to this meet, clinched an unexpected bronze in 50m freestyle. Meanwhile, Alif Idlan also secured a bronze in his favourite 100m butterfly event.

Oswin Wong

View full results here.

Congrats to all swimmers who did well in this outing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the cooperation and supports given by the parents and swimmers, the selfless contribution from Coach Ian James Barr and my Assistant Team Manager, En. Masron.

CK Wong
Team Manager

Coach Ian motivated the kids as their idol
The most senior and most junior girls in Team IBSC

See photo album here.


Monday, 14 August 2017

Steve Khiew won Age Group Champion in his finale appearance in SportExcel Junior Swimming Circuit, Grand Final 2017

Steve Khiew was named the Age Group Champion for Group 2 Boys in the SportExcel Junior Swimming Circuit, Grand Final 2017 as the meet drew to a close last Sunday, 13 August 2017 at Kompleks Renang Kuala Lumpur.

In the process of securing 3 gold and 1 bronze, Steve also managed to renew his previous year's meet record (28.38) in 50m backstroke by clocking a new time of 28.19 during the preliminary heat.

He pocketed another gold in 100m freestyle after dipping sub 55s with  a new PB of 54.26. Also in his favourite event of 100m backstroke, Steve managed to maintain his gold with 1:02.31 even though his preliminary heat he clocked a better qualifying time of 1:00.74.

Steve Khiew receiving his champion trophy from Mr Teo Mua Seng, the President of Persatuan Renang Amatur Kuala Lumpur

Other IBSC achievers equally deserved applause for their great achievement in the 3rd and final leg of the circuit. Their hard work paid off thanks to their consistent training and effort from coaches.

The Grand Final medalists were :

Steve Khiew | Group 2 boys | 1 meet record, 3 gold, 1 bronze
Ng Zi Syuen | Group 3 girls | 4 silver
Teo Zun Jet | Group 4 boys | 2 silver
Sharizan Shazali | Group 2 boys | 1 silver, 1 bronze
Liew Xiao Rou | Group 4 girls | 3 bronze
Tobin Sia | Group 4 boys | 2 bronze
Ng K-Yang | Group 3 boys | 2 bronze
Ashley Ting | Group 2 girls | 2 bronze
Wong Ru Yi | Group 2 girls | 1 bronze
Zachary Lim | Group 2 boys | 1 bronze

The Committee wishes to thanks Ms Sharon Koay as the Team Manager and Mdm Ho Mei Ling as the chaperone.

Ng Zi Syuen, silver girl with 4 second positions  
Liew Xiao Rou, lanky girl but not without power as she scooped up 3 bronze in 50m fly, 100m backstroke and 50m freestyle and it it worthy to mention several positions in 4th and 5th placings too 
Ng K-Yang, swam breaststroke to secure 2 bronze
Sharizan, even though disadvantaged in age but proved to be a strong contender with his superb achievement of 1 silver and 1 bronze in his backstroke events

Ashley Ting leapt to bronze in her 50m backstroke (32.98)  
Tobin Sia, flicked 2 bronze in both 50m and 100m backstroke
Teo Zun Jet, raked in 2 silver in his strong event, breaststroke

More photos at IBSC Gallery.

See Results here.

Read more on https://klaquatics.blogspot.my/2017/08/sportexcel-junior-swimming-circuit-2017.html

Friday, 11 August 2017

SportExcel Leg 1 & 2 achievers received incentives from the club

IB junior swimmers were a happy batch as they were incentivised by the club for their points contribution in the SportExcel Junior Swimming Circuit, Leg 1 and Leg 2 recently.

On 5 August, 2017, the Committee has invited the achievers and proud parents to a simple reward presentation ceremony where swimmers received their cash prizes and achievement certificates. The prize were presented by Head Coach, En. Shazali Salleh and witnessed by IBSC Swim Chair, En. Mohamad Masron.

The club hopes that the token incentive will motivate the swimmers further in their swimming conquest.

The swimmers who have extra pocket money to spend are those members who participated in both legs. They are :

Leg 1 @ Shah Alam    Leg 2 @        Melaka Combined Points Swimmers
     174       157       331 Steve Khiew, Hoe Yean
     150       161       311 Ashley Ting, Xin Rui
     144       132       276 Teo, Zun Jet
     146       125       271 Tobin Sia, Xianhua
     149        71       220 Ng, Zi Syuen
     112        91       203 Ng, K-Yang
      61        81       142 Wong, Ru Yi
      85        56       141 Teo, Sze Hui
      71        69       140 Sharizan B.Shazali
      45        59       104 Ng, Yen Sze
      50        38        88 Wong, Ze Yi
      25        47        72 Nadirah Syazwin Bt Nazle
      33        35        68 Daud Agam B.Mirzaini
      22        35        57 Harry Chong, Guang Ming
      26        22        48 Linus Theo, Dengah
      23        20        43 Medhavinz, Seew Ravindran
      12        30        42 Tan, Jancy
      21        12        33 Jareick Cheong, Tze Kwang
      15        17        32 Alif Idlan B.Masron
       4        26        30 Sean Chin, Zi Feng
      15        14        29 Nur Ariessa Safiya
     -          27        27 Yap, Min Shun
       6        16        22 Pung, Ren Qi
      13         6        19 Chor, Qi En
               -          12        12 Teh, Jade Lynn
       3         8        11 Dyllon Ratchaga, Thye Weng
       4         4         8 Ho, Jia Ming
       6       -           6 Muhammad Arif Zulfikry
       1         3         4 Muhamad Raziq Danial
     -           2         2 Yap, Yuan Yi

For those who qualified to Grand Final which will be held on 12-13 August, 2017, swimmers earned their free finalist T-shirts as well. More incentives await them for their final achievement.

We wish all IBSC swimmers good luck in SportExcel Grand Final 2017.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

IB swimmers at Sel short course posted moderate results

The 6th Selangor ARENA Short Course Sprint Swimming Championship 2017 has just ended last week after a 3-day competition at Shah Alam pool from 28th to 30th July, 2017.

Some junior swimmers took the opportunity to try out the sprinting race for the first time and found it to be interesting swimming in a 25m pool. A good tumble turn and underwater technique definitely prove to be an added advantage for the short course race.

We congratulate swimmers below who have attained the top notch positions in the short course meet especially to :

Nicholas Soon | Open boys, O18 | Age group champion
Sebastian Soon  | Group 1 boys, 15-17 | 2nd runner-up | 1 meet record
Afiq Imran bin Masron |  Open boys, O18 | 2nd runner-up
Sharizan bin Shazali | Group 2 boys, 13-14 | 2nd runner-up

In the open category, Nicholas Soon gathered 5 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze in his individual events to earn him 65 points to top as the Open Boys Champion.

Nicholas Soon, Open boys champion

Meanwhile, his brother, Sebastian swam to 2 gold and 2 silver in the race, and in the 200m Im event, Sebastian managed to break the meet record by finishing with a superb time of 2:06.95 to overwrite last year's meet record of 2:08.18 in the 15-17 boys category.

Together with team mates, Iqmal Muqhis, Low Ken Ji and Avinaash Abraham, Sebastian and team also managed to renew IBSC's 2015 meet record of 51.19 in the 4x25m medley relay by charting a golden time of 50.69.

Sebastian, Afiq Imran and Sharizan Shazali were awarded incentives for being 2nd runner-up in their respective age group.

With a small team and many last minute scratches, the IBSC swimmers did well in securing 15 gold, 14 silver and 14 bronze for individual events. For the team events, the IBSC relay teams managed 4 gold and 8 silver.

The medalists and point earners below also earned a round of applause for their great achievements.

The committee would like to thank the Team Managers, chaperons, coaches and all support team for a great support and hard work.

The full results can be downloaded here.

Friday, 28 July 2017

IBSC Team Briefing - 13th SICC Invitational Swimming Championship 2017

Dear IBSC Swimmers/parents,

Kindly be informed that the IBSC Team Briefing for the 13th SICC Invitational Swimming Championship 2017 will be held as follows :-

Date    : 2 August, 2017 (Wed)
Time   : 7:00 pm.
Venue : Marshall Room, Cheras Pool, Bandar Tun Razak

The following will be distributed during the team briefing :
- Travel Itinerary
- Disembarkation Cards
- Team T-shirts (x2)
- Bag Tags
- Session Report

For parents who have ordered lunches, please pass the money (Sing Dollars) to the Team Manager in due course.

Your attendance is appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Managers
(CK Wong / Masron)

Saturday, 22 July 2017

IBSC Team Briefing - 6th Sel Arena Short Course Sprint Invitational 2017

Attention to IBSC swimmers,

Swimmers who are participating in the 6th Selangor Arena Short Course Sprint Invitational 2017 scheduled on 28-30 July, 2017 at Shah Alam are required to attend a team briefing.

Date    : 26 July, 2017 (Wednesday)
Time   : 6:30 pm
Venue : Cheras Pool, Bandar Tun Razak

School leave letters will be distributed in due course.

Your attendance is appreciated.

Vincent Low
Team Manager

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

IBSC swimmers made a big splash at 2017 ASUM/NSC/MILO Junior Splash, Leg 1

The ASUM/NSC/MILO Junior Splash Swim, Leg 1 for 2017 has just concluded last Sunday 16 July, 2017 at Kompleks Renang Kuala Lumpur after a 3-day stiff competition among 774 swimmers from 34 swim clubs in Malaysia. Team IBSC sent the biggest contingent of 171 swimmers and the club is happy to expose so many junior athletes, some of whom are first timers.

IB's talented swimmer, Ng Zi Syuen proved the girl's power when she splashed her way to all golds in her 8 individual events that she participated in, and along the way she charted 5 PBs.

12 year old, Zi Syuen also broke the 50m breaststroke (36.86) and renewed her own timing in 100m breaststroke (1:19.75) in the Group 3 Girls event. Her superb performance also helped her team mates won all golds in the relay events. Zi Syuen collected 88 points as top performer of the club.

Ng Zi Syuen, amassed 8 gold
From left, Ng Zi Syuen, Teo Sze Hui, Vanessa Wong and Cliona Tan formed a strong relay team despite mostly being at disadvantaged year 

Ng K-Yang, in Group 3 boys, as anticipated, cornered the breaststroke events when he emerged first with new PBs in the 50m breast (33.44) and 100m breast (1:14.93), both smashing the meet records. A new rookie in Group 3 boys, Harry Chong, sprung up a pleasant surprise bronze in 100m breaststroke (1:19.16).

Ashley Ting, also collected quiet many points as she gathered 1 gold in 100m backstroke (1:11.79), 4 silver and 5 bronze in her individual events.

Junior sprinter, Tobin Sia,  showed an amazing performance in the Group 4 boys when he bagged 1 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze in individual events. He broke the 50m backstroke record with a new time of 34.95. Tobin later teamed up with his peers to win 4 gold in all 4 relays events with all new meet records time.

Group 4 boys, from left, Sew Jia Wei, Tobin Sia, Teo Zun Jet and Nicholas Long accompanied by Coach Shazali and Coach Kamal

Siblings Teo Sze Hui and Teo Zun Jet each pocketed a gold in their 100m fly and 50m breast events respectively and added a couple of medals too in the relays.

In the youngest Group 5 boys, 8 year old Muhammad Dhuha, showed case his talent in the pool when he grabbed 4 silver and 1 bronze in his individual events.

The other points and medals achievers are shown below. Well done to all!

IBSC concluded the event with 14 gold, 16 silver and 18 bronze for individuals events and swept 11 gold, 8 silver and 8 bronze out of 30 relay events. IB accumulated 1112 narrowly behind the defending champion, DSA (1184). The team has given a healthy fight in good competitive spirit and is proud of the swimmers' achievements.

Many juniors got the chance to compete with some tasting sweet victory but most importantly they have the opportunities to learn more on techniques and rules of the race and hope to they will do better in the next competition.

The working committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all for the cooperation given by all the swimmers and parents during the 3-day event. Sincere thanks to team mates, En. Nizar and Vincent Chin, our Chaperones Choi Ling, Joan Choi and Lily, and all the coaches for their selfless contributions to make the meet a successful one.

See full results here.

CK Wong
Team Manger

See more photos here.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Buy your 29th SEA Games 2017 tickets now

For sports enthusiasts eager to watch the 29th SEA Games 2017, Kuala Lumpur, please hurry to purchase your tickets online as some have been snapped up. Tickets can be purchased between RM10 to RM20 via this link.

The aquatic events from 17th to 30th August, 2017 seem to be very popular. Kindly refer to the schedule below.

Below is the order of events for Swimming.

The swimming events will be held at National Aquatic Centre, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

Check out more of SEA Games tickets.


Friday, 7 July 2017

6 IBSC swimmers made it to 9th ASEAN School Games 2017 in Singapore

ASEAN School Games (ASG) is an annual games for high schools in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and organised under the authority of the ASEAN Schools Sports Council (ASSC). The ASSC is an apolitical regional sports council that promotes sports among member countries.

This year, 2017, the Ministry of Education (Singapore) will be hosting the 9th ASEAN Schools Games (ASG) from 13 to 21 July 2017. 9 ASEAN countries will be participating ie.  Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. The 10 sports that will be organised in this edition are Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Gymnastics, Netball, Sepak Takraw, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tenpin Bowling and Volleyball. Approximately 1800 athletes and officials are expected to participate in this event.

IBSC is extremely proud that 6 of its swimmers have been selected to participate in the 9th ASEAN School Games 2017 in Singapore which will be scheduled from 13-21 July, 2017.

Incidentally all males, they are (clockwise from top) Ng Kai Wen [left], Brandy Chew, Sebastian Soon, Low Ken Ji, Iqmal Muqhis bin Faizal and Steve Khiew Hoe Yean.

The athletes are required to check into a centralised training camp starting this weekend, from 9 - 12 July, 2017 at Johor Sports School prior to crossing the border for the competition.

Eagerly awaiting the camp and regional competition, they expressed their expectations and targets in the school games. Excerpted from the swimmers' messages to the club, they shared their aspiration and hope.
Ng Kai Wen, is feeling simply ecstatic and excited on his maiden appearance in the Asean School Games. "Swim all you can", he expressed it short and precise and "I just expect to improve on my timings", he added.
Sebastian Soon, currently training under the national team, felt excited having the opportunities to meet friends again from other states and countries during the camp and race. On his wish list, he said "I hope the camp will provide healthy food and comfortable place to rest so as to prepare us adequately for the School Games. I think I will perform better if my body condition is good, so lets see....  I  also hope to contribute to Malaysia by winning at least one medal in my pet event, the 400m IM."
Brandy Chew, was rather astonished when he found out his name was in the list of selected swimmers. He expressed "I am really happy that I qualify for ASG. I don't really have a high expectation of myself as the Asean School Games is a competition among all the best swimmers from other countries. All I hope is that I can hit a new personal best and learn something new from a meet of this big scale."
Low Ken Ji, hopes to do well in Singapore for ASG. In the camp, he also hopes to compare notes and see the performance of his team mates. He declared, "I feel that I may not be able to achieve 100% performance but nevertheless I will try my best and in the process hopefully I am able to hit my PBs during the meet."  
 Iqmal Muqhis, a happy-go-lucky guy, was kind of excited in going to the camp and race but with mixed feelings. "I have not been training much because of the fasting month but I will try to swim my best", he responded. "Hopefully I will improve on my time and get a medal"
Steve Khiew,  honoured to be selected once again to ASG, he conveyed "I expect the camp to be an exciting one. I will try my best to win some medals in the meet and hopefully bring back at least one gold for my country. 200m backstroke event could land me a good chance". He went on to say, "I would like to wish all my team mates the best of luck". 

IBSC also wishes all of them the best in the 9th ASEAN School Games 2017, Singapore.

Updates on the school games and results can be tracked via the host's link below.

Meanwhile, the swimming timetable can be viewed here.


IBSC Team Briefing - ASUM/NSC/MILO Junior Splash Swim 2017, Leg 1

Attention to IBSC swimmers,

If you are participating in the ASUM/NSC/MILO Junior Swim Splash 2017, Leg 1 scheduled next weekend (14-16 July, 2017) at Cheras pool, please attend a team briefing as follows :

Date    : 12 July, 2017 (Wednesday)
Time   : 6:30 pm
Venue : Cheras Pool, Bandar Tun Razak
Agenda :
  • Team seating
  • F&B arrangement 
  • Scratching of events
  • Distribution of school leave letters 
  • Other matters
Your attendance is appreciated.

CK Wong
Team Manager

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